Archive: 2/10/2007

Titan's icy climate mimics Earth's tropics

If space travelers ever visit Saturn's largest moon, they will find a tropical world where temperatures plunge to minus 274 degrees Fahrenheit, methane rains from the sky and dunes of ice or tar cover the planet's most arid ...

dateOct 02, 2007 in Space Exploration
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New study sheds light on Galápagos hawk evolutionary history

Scientists at the University of Missouri-St. Louis used DNA sequences from feather lice to study how island populations of their host, the Galápagos Hawk might have colonized the Galápagos islands, home to the endangered ...

dateOct 02, 2007 in
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FSU Physicist Shining a Light on Dark Matter

We’ve all been taught that our bodies, the Earth, and in fact all matter in the universe is composed of tiny building blocks called atoms. Now imagine if this weren’t the case. This mind-bending concept is at the core ...

dateOct 02, 2007 in General Physics
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