Fewer applications for H-1B visas expected this year

With unemployment skyrocketing across the nation, tech and other companies this year are expected to request fewer visas for highly skilled foreign workers, according to industry experts.

Galileo's telescope on historic visit to Philly

(AP) -- Though it looks like a cardboard tube that got left out in the rain, it's a priceless instrument whose owner changed the world. The mottled brown cylinder on display at The Franklin Institute science museum is a ...

Palm seeking applications for Pre smartphone

Palm is inviting outside developers to tailor applications for eagerly-awaited Pre smartphones that will be taking on heavyweights such as iPhone and BlackBerry.

IBM cuts Sun takeover price: WSJ

IBM has cut the price of its takeover bid for Sun Microsystems Inc. to nine to 10 dollars a share from 10 to 11 dollars a share, The Wall Street Journal online reported on Thursday.

Heavyweight galaxies puzzle astronomers

(PhysOrg.com) -- Astronomers have discovered large galaxies some two thirds of the way back in time to the big bang. This surprising find casts doubt on theories of how the biggest galaxies form.

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