Archive: 2/02/2010

Light shed on koala evolution

( -- The world at large knows koalas as cute, cuddly, lovable iconic animals. The evolutionary biologist, on the other hand, will know them as extremely specialized, endangered animals, the evolutionary history ...

dateFeb 02, 2010 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Virtual museum guide

( -- Archaeological treasures are brought to life by Fraunhofer software. Real images are enriched with digital information on a virtual tour through ancient buildings, creating a more vivid experience for the ...

dateFeb 02, 2010 in Software
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More Money, and a New Path to the Stars

The Obama Administration plans to cancel NASA’s Constellation program that was to take American astronauts back to the Moon. Instead, NASA will oversee a competition among commercial space developers to come up with the ...

dateFeb 02, 2010 in Space Exploration
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