Archive: 2/01/2010

Tasty leftovers -- of the gadget variety

Being a gadget reviewer often feels like being at a holiday feast. Every day, companies invite me to sample their products, and, even though I know I should turn some of them down, I say yes too often and end up filling my ...

dateJan 02, 2010 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Google executive running for Vermont governor post

(AP) -- Internet search giant Google is based in Silicon Valley, yet it runs its community affairs operation out of a former bread factory in an old New England railroad town, hard by the confluence of the White and Connecticut ...

dateJan 02, 2010 in Business
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Fox, Time Warner Cable announce broadcast deal

(AP) -- The Fox television network and Time Warner Cable reached a programming deal in principle on Friday, after leaving millions of people in the lurch about whether they'd be able to see an anticipated college football ...

dateJan 02, 2010 in Telecom
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