Smallest baby and twin: first birthdays

The world's smallest surviving baby celebrated her first birthday Monday at the neonatal unit of Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Ill.

How We'll Get Back to the Moon

NASA officials in Washington Monday released details for its next generation of spacecraft to take humans back to the moon and on to Mars. NASA said its new spacecraft will be 10 times safer than the space shuttle, but will ...

More Intense Heat Waves Could Slam California's Energy Grid

Climate change and rolling blackouts may be a package deal. More frequent and intense heat waves expected in California over the next 100 years could overburden the state’s electric utility grid, according to a study led ...

Networking: Managing assets -- digitally

The networking of digital asset management (DAM) systems is the latest technology trend for the creative industries -- publishing, advertising and entertainment -- and is improving overall corporate performance there.

Japan technology's focus shift to dreams

A dog that can sniff out whether his owner is feeling under the weather or not? A T-shirt that allows the wearer's intestines to be in full view so that an X-ray is no longer necessary? Or an elevator that connects the planet ...

Sight for sore eyes: ancient fish see colour

The Australian lungfish - one of the world’s oldest fishes and related to our ancient ancestors - may have been viewing rivers in technicolour long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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