Review: Creating virtual recipe box can be a snap

(AP) -- For years, I have tucked away recipe cards of all shapes and sizes in nooks and crannies of my kitchen, determined that one day I would actually use them. Sadly, for many recipes, that day never came, partly because ...

The tablet PC could be Apple's next big thing

Figuring out what Apple Inc. has in store for its next big product launch has become as popular a game as gathering to pick fantasy football drafts every fall.

Canadian model unmasks blog tormentor

A Canadian model has won a landmark case in a New York court after Google was forced to disclose the online identity of a blogger who anonymously posted derogatory comments about the Vogue covergirl.

Are digital textbooks the money-saving wave of the future?

An old adage states, "As California goes, so goes the nation." If that's true, then advocates of textbook reform -- and college students bearing the brunt of spiraling textbook prices -- have to be excited by California ...

Solving the Nuclear Pore Puzzle

(PhysOrg.com) -- Computational biochemist Frank Alber compares determining the architecture of a macromolecular machine to solving a jigsaw puzzle.

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