Chondrules younger than thought

A University of Toronto scientist has found unexpectedly "young" material in meteorites, a discovery that breaks open current theory the early solar system.

VoIP plan to link universities for free

The Robertson Education Empowerment Foundation announced Friday the launch of a VoIP telecom initiative that will link university phone systems for free.

Mobile gaming doubles

According to Ziff Davis Media's annual "Digital Gaming in America" survey, cell-phone gaming continued its meteoric rise in 2005.

SAMSUNG Unveils Symbian-based Smartphones in Europe

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the company's first Symbian OS-based smartphones (model: SGH-D720 / SGH-D730) for the European market. This marks Samsung's full-fledged entry into the European smartphone market. ...

Smithsonian scientists accused of ID smear

A government agency has accused scientists at Washington's Smithsonian Institution of smearing a biologist who published a paper on intelligent design.

New uses for Blackberrrys, PDAs soon

Phil Hammond carries a PalmOne Treo personal digital assistant with him almost all the time. "It's like carrying my office in my pocket -- I can get my e-mail, my contact list, my notes, even my combination to my locker at ...

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