Studying Genes of Desert Fruit Flies

Researchers at the University of Arkansas and University of Nevada-Las Vegas will study the genetics of fruit flies in desert habitats to determine how they developed the ability to survive under stressful conditions.

MIT study finds 40B projects often delayed

A substantial majority of Chapter 40B zoning override cases in the Boston area are approved by town zoning boards in a manner acceptable to developers, but many are not being built, according to a new study by the Housing ...

The car that diagnoses its own servicing needs

An intelligent system that could before long enable cars to tell mechanics which of their parts need servicing is being unveiled by engineers at the University of Cambridge.

Atlantis Undocks From Station, Set to Land Thursday in Florida

STS-117’s constructive stay at the International Space Station came to a close today when space shuttle Atlantis undocked. The two spacecraft parted ways at 10:42 a.m. EDT as they flew over the Coral Sea northeast of Australia.

Getting rid of the twin image that plagues holography

For decades, since the ability to create a holographic record was discovered, a problem has plagued the field. “In holography,” Tatiana Latychevskaia tells PhysOrg.com, “a twin image unfortunately appears. It is seen ...

Nanotube adhesive sticks better than a gecko's foot

Mimicking the agile gecko, with its uncanny ability to run up walls and across ceilings, has long been a goal of materials scientists. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Akron have taken ...

Physicists Observe Universal State

A team of Australian and Chinese scientists have found the first observed evidence for "universality" in a paper to be published in the prestigious Nature Physics journal next month.

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