US sea levels to rise at a faster pace than in past 100 years

Oceans along the U.S. coastline will rise faster within the next three decades than they did in the past 100 years, bringing more flooding to coastal cities such as New York and Miami, according to the latest projections.

How world's most precise clock could transform fundamental physics

Einstein's theory of general relativity holds that a massive body like Earth curves space-time, causing time to slow as you approach the object—so a person on top of a mountain ages a tiny bit faster than someone at sea ...

Image: Hubble captures swirling galactic trio

The mass of dust and bright swirls of stars in this image are the distant galaxy merger IC 2431, which lies 681 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Cancer.

Webb team brings 18 dots of starlight into hexagonal formation

The James Webb Space Telescope team continues to make progress in aligning the observatory's mirrors. Engineers have completed the first stage in this process, called "Segment Image Identification." The resulting image shows ...