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Ubiquitous broadband, more than optical illusion

Better access to ultra-fast broadband networks in Europe is driving development of a host of new web services, promising everything from video conferencing to internet protocol (IP) television. But “ultra-broadband” like ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Telecom
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Cassini finds mingling moons may share a dark past

Despite the incredible diversity of Saturn’s icy moons, theirs is a story of great interaction. Some are pock-marked, some seemingly dirty, others pristine, one spongy, one two-faced, some still spewing with activity and ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Astronomy
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Scientists testing oral contraceptives for animals

If you’re a land owner and animals such as coyotes or wild pigs are driving you hog wild, help may soon be on the way to control their numbers in a humane way – in the form of a birth control pill for animals being developed ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in
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Sniffing out insider threats

A rapid way to spot insider threats from individuals within an organization such as a multinational company or military installation is reported in the current issue of the International Journal of Security and Networks. ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Rice computer chip makes Technology Review's top 10

Rice University's technology for a "gambling" computer chip, which could boost battery life as much as tenfold on cell phones and laptops while slashing development costs for chipmakers, has been named to MIT Technology Review's ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in Engineering
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The Dark Side of Light

Light may not seem very interesting in our everyday lives. But to scientists, light’s properties are a constant source of intrigue. The nature of light as both wave and particle, light as the universal speed limit, and ...

dateFeb 19, 2008 in General Physics feature
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