Bees may transmit viruses to offspring

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture report what may be the first evidence of queen honeybees transmitting viruses to their offspring.

International HIV/AIDS study is halted

The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says enrollment into an international HIV/AIDS trial has been halted.

Over-fishing: Fewer eggs, smaller fish

A University of California-Riverside study suggests harvesting the largest individuals from a fish population introduces harmful genetic changes.

Kicking Around a Nano-Sized Ball

There's a bit of good-natured ribbing going on at the UW Madison Synchrotron Radiation Center, where researchers are hard at work to better understand Bucky Balls, the nickname for the famous molecule, Carbon-60 or C60. The ...

Scientists develop process for creating biocompatible fibers

Scientists at Virginia Tech have developed a single-step process for creating nonwoven fibrous mats from a small organic molecule – creating a new nanoscale material with potential applications where biocompatible materials ...

Martian snow source of tropical glaciers

Snow is the source of glacial deposits found at the base of the majestic volcanoes and mountains dotting the mid-latitude and tropical regions of Mars. Based on an innovative blend of geological observations and climate modeling ...

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