Archive: 18/12/2007

Researchers develop 2-D invisibility cloak

Harry Potter may not have talked much about plasmonics in J. K. Rowling's fantasy series, but University of Maryland researchers are using this emerging technology to develop an invisibility cloak that exists beyond the world ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in General Physics
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Age-appropriate toys are the best choice, says expert

Many parents around the country will purchase toys for their children this holiday season. While choosing toys that will further a child's education development is important, it's also a great idea for parents to remember ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Other
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Metal Foam Has a Good Memory

In the world of commercial materials, lighter and cheaper is usually better, especially when those attributes are coupled with superior strength and special properties, such as a material's ability to remember its original ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Condensed Matter
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Can't find the perfect gift?

Why is it so hard to choose the perfect gift? One reason is that we know less than we think we do about each others' likes and dislikes, and it's worse for things we like ourselves, says a University of Michigan business ...

dateDec 18, 2007 in Other
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