Archive: 18/11/2010

Explorer of the 'Cool Universe'

( -- Emory astrochemist Susanna Widicus Weaver will soon begin one of the first broad spectral surveys of small organic molecules in deep space. Her lab's research proposal - to search for the raw materials of ...

dateNov 18, 2010 in Astronomy
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MySpace deepens ties with rival Facebook

MySpace on Thursday began letting members tap into entertainment preferences expressed in Facebook profiles in a deepening of ties with the firm that snatched its social networking crown.

dateNov 18, 2010 in Internet
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Green Europe eyes farming revolution

In a radical overhaul of Europe's controversial Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the European Commission on Thursday suggested a greener, fairer farming policy for the future, including a rethink of subsidies.

dateNov 18, 2010 in Environment
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Sweden to issue int'l warrant for Assange

(AP) -- The elusive Australian behind the biggest leak of U.S. war documents in history is wanted by Sweden in a drawn-out rape probe, and could soon face an international arrest warrant curtailing his ability to jump from ...

dateNov 18, 2010 in Other
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