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Can renewable energy be sustained?

Engineers and entrepreneurs are rushing to explore alternative sources of efficient and renewable energy in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country. A Rutgers School of Business—Camden professor has strong words of caution ...

dateNov 18, 2008 in Other
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New national survey says public reveres bison

Americans are woefully out of touch with the fact that the American bison, or buffalo, is in trouble as a wild, iconic species, but they do love them as an important symbol of their country—and as an entrée on the dinner ...

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Can a single molecule behave as a mirror?

( -- “We have shown for the first time, theoretically, that a single molecule can behave as a perfect mirror,” Mario Agio tells “Imagine that your mirror at home becomes a single molecule and ...

dateNov 18, 2008 in Nanophysics feature
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Analysis Shows Uptick Rule Vital to Market Stability

( -- A new study by researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute found that interpretations of data from an SEC pilot program used to justify the repeal of the "uptick rule" in the summer of 2007 are ...

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