Poll: Racial resentment tied to voter ID support

A new National Agenda Opinion Poll by the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication reveals support for voter identification laws is strongest among Americans who harbor negative sentiments toward African ...

Heliophysics nugget: Riding the plasma wave

Throughout the universe more than 99 percent of matter looks nothing like what's on Earth. Instead of materials we can touch and see, instead of motions we intuitively expect like a ball rolling down a hill, or a cup that ...

Single-cell parasites co-opt 'ready-made' genes from host: study

Two species of single-cell parasites have co-opted "ready-made" genes from their hosts that in turn help them exploit their hosts, according to a new study by University of British Columbia and University of Ottawa researchers.

Google takes aim at Mexico's drug cartels

(AP) — Google, so far, has won the search engine wars. Now it wants to target international crime, including Mexico's powerful drug cartels.

Friends with benefits: Study finds insects aid in moss sex

(Phys.org) -- Researchers at Portland State University have discovered how mosses can use chemical cues to recruit small creatures to help with fertilization, via a process similar to pollination in flowering plants.

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