New technology enables high-speed data transfer

GridFTP, a protocol developed by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, has been used to transfer unprecedented amounts of data over the Department of Energy's (DOE) Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), which provides a ...

Nuclear fusion power project to start in 2018: official

An experimental reactor that could harness nuclear fusion, the power that fuels the Sun, will begin operation in southern France in 2018, the project's governing body announced Thursday.

Special effects outsourcing grows in India

(AP) -- Outsourcing to India, long dominated by software engineering and back-office work, is expanding in new terrain: special effects for movies.

Researchers use math to reduce jet lag

Reducing jet lag is the aim of a new mathematical methodology and software program developed by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the University of Michigan.

New tracking approach will help protect polar bears

A new approach to tracking polar bears, developed by Queen's University researchers, will shed more light on the potentially endangered Arctic animal and help boost the economy of Canada's north.

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