Archive: 18/05/2010

How grazing lands influence greenhouse gas

Grazinglands represent one of the largest land resources in the world, yet their role as net sinks or sources of greenhouse gases is essentially unknown. Previous research has emphasized the role of grazing management on ...

dateMay 18, 2010 in Environment
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Bank relationships matter

In the current economic climate, many small businesses face difficulties when applying for loans. However, the process may vary depending on the business' previous relationships with financial institutions. In a recent study, ...

dateMay 18, 2010 in Economics & Business
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Beware of Hackers Controlling Your Automobile

( -- A team of researchers led by Professor Stefan Savage from the University of California, San Diego and Tadayoshi Kohno from the University of Washington set out to see what it would take to control an automobile’s ...

dateMay 18, 2010 in Other report
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