NASA to Test World's Largest Rocket Parachutes for Ares I

(PhysOrg.com) -- With Memorial Day just around the corner, NASA plans a spectacular aerial display May 20 of the newly designed parachute recovery system for its Ares I rocket. The centerpieces for the test are the three ...

Google ups share of Web search

Google increased its share of the US online search market in April while Yahoo! and Microsoft both lost ground, according to figures released on Monday by tracking firm comScore.

Acidic oceans could aid photosynthesis

(PhysOrg.com) -- Groundbreaking Victoria University research shows that ocean acidification may have no negative effect on tropical corals and local sea anemones - in fact it may improve photosynthesis.

Wake up and smell the coffee -- on the Moon!

Have you ever wondered how you'd make your morning cup of java if you lived on another planet, or perhaps the moon? That steaming beverage would be a must on a cold lunar morning.

Did modern humans eat Neanderthals?

Modern humans may have eaten Neanderthals, scientists report in the Journal of Anthropological Sciences this month.

Restrictions on boaters proposed to protect Everglades seagrass

Concerned that powerboats are tearing up seagrass in Florida Bay, Everglades National Park has proposed a range of possible restrictions on boaters to protect a vast, shallow estuary that supports sea turtles, fish and clouds ...

Cisco outlines strategy for Smart Grid infrastructure

Continuing its expansion into lucrative business niches, Cisco Systems on Monday will announce its entrance into the smart grid infrastructure market, which the company estimates will grow to $20 billion a year within the ...

Monster settles SEC backdating charges for $2.5M

(AP) -- Monster Worldwide Inc., which runs the Monster job search Web site, has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle federal civil charges that it secretly backdated options for its executives and employees.

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