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Even when faint, ovary scent draws sperm cells

Mice are known to have a keen sense of smell, but it's not just their noses that are adept at picking up a scent, a new study shows. In this week's Analytical Chemistry, scientists at Indiana University Bloomington report ...

dateMay 18, 2006 in
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Searching for the soul in the machine

If computers could create a society, what kind of world would they make? Thanks to the work of an ambitious project that adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘computer society’, in which millions of software agents ...

dateMay 18, 2006 in Software
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Reinforced racquets and heated wallpaper

Extremely conductive, stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum – these are only a few of the amazing properties of carbon nanotubes. An innovative method now enables the "miracle material" to be processed on an industrial ...

dateMay 18, 2006 in Nanophysics
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Mine-safety bill sent for Senate vote

New legislation sent to the Senate floor would require all mines to have state-of-the-art two-way wireless communications and tracking systems in place within the next three years.

dateMay 18, 2006 in Other
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Spirit Continues To Compile Panoramic Image

The latest report on NASA's Spirit rover shows it continuing to make progress on collecting images as part of its McMurdo panorama, as well as conducting detailed studies of soil targets on its wintering slope using the Mössbauer ...

dateMay 18, 2006 in Space Exploration
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