3 cosmonauts arrive at space station in yellow and blue

Three Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station on Friday wearing yellow flight suits with blue accents, colors that appeared to match the Ukrainian flag. The men were the first new arrivals on the space ...

Perseverance rover hightails it to Martian delta

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover is trying to cover more distance in a single month than any rover before it—and it's doing so using artificial intelligence. On the path ahead are sandpits, craters, and fields of sharp rocks ...

Early English lessons have lasting effects

An international research team has examined how English lessons in primary school affect language proficiency in this subject in secondary school. Children who started learning English in the first grade of primary school ...

UN report to lay out options to halt climate crisis

Nearly 200 nations gather on Monday to confront a question that will outlive Russia's invasion of Ukraine: how do we stop carbon pollution overheating the planet and threatening life as we know it?

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