Hubble sees changing seasons on Saturn

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is giving astronomers a view of changes in Saturn's vast and turbulent atmosphere as the planet's northern hemisphere summer transitions to fall as shown in this series of images taken in 2018, ...

Melting glaciers contribute to Alaska earthquakes

In 1958, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake triggered a rockslide into Southeast Alaska's Lituya Bay, creating a tsunami that ran 1,700 feet up a mountainside before racing out to sea.

Researchers demonstrate practical metal nanostructures

Researchers at the University of Ottawa have debunked the decade-old myth of metals being useless in photonics—the science and technology of light—with their findings, recently published in Nature Communications, expected ...

Organic crystals' ice-forming superpowers

At the heart of clouds are ice crystals. And at the heart of ice crystals, often, are aerosol particles—dust in the atmosphere onto which ice can form more easily than in the open air.

For some scientists, Mars 2020 is a mission of perseverance

Like millions of people around the world, David Shuster and his 7-year-old daughter cheered wildly as the Perseverance rover was lowered by sky crane to the Martian surface on Feb. 18 to start years of exploration. But for ...

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