2007 vehicle fuel economy list released

The Toyota Prius gets the top fuel economy rating, while the Lamborghini L-147 ranks last on the 2007 U.S. government Fuel Economy Guide.

Tons of PCBs Reaching the Deep Oceans

Toxic chemicals that have been released into the environment have turned up in some rather unexpected places. And while it has long been known that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other persistent organic pollutants ...

Portable, Life-Saving Seat Belt Created Following Tragic Crash

A lightweight, portable seat belt that could save many of the hundreds of lives lost each year by Americans traveling abroad, has been created by a group of engineering undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. ...

More Than a Meteor Likely Killed Dinosaurs 65 Million Years Ago

Growing evidence shows that the dinosaurs and their contemporaries were not wiped out by the famed Chicxulub meteor impact alone, according to a paleontologist who says multiple meteor impacts, massive volcanism in India ...

Creating Nanodevices for Delivery of Vaccines

A team of Yale biomedical engineers and cell biologists received a $1-million award from the National Science Foundation to develop “smart nanoparticles” for the delivery of vaccines.

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