Research team leverage cells' noisy nature to keep them healthy

A cell's life is a noisy affair. These building blocks of life are constantly changing. They can spontaneously express different proteins and genes, change shape and size, die or resist dying, or become damaged and cancerous. ...

Training more effective teachers through alternative pathways

In "Licensure and Worker Quality: A Comparison of Alternative Routes to Teaching," published in The Journal of Law and Economics, Tim R. Sass compares the characteristics and performance of Florida teachers who graduate from ...

NASA sees Marianas Islands at 5 o'clock within Typhoon Krovanh

When NASA's Terra satellite passed over the circular Typhoon Krovanh in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, the Marianas Islands were in the storm's southeastern quadrant, and looked like five o'clock in the storm clouds' circulation.

Dutch nab hackers setting ransoms to unlock computers

Dutch police revealed Thursday they have arrested two young hackers who infiltrated a type of malware known as "ransomware" to access thousands of computers worldwide, before demanding money to unlock the machines.

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