Nuclear still main alternative to oil: ex-IAEA chief

The former head of UN atomic agency voiced confidence Sunday in nuclear energy as the only real alternative to oil despite a potential "setback" in the sector due to Japan's current disaster.

Lab puts sea life to an acid test

The baby crabs look like lint specs swirling in glass jars. The 3-day-old geoducks are too small to even see.

Sugarcane cools climate

Brazilians are world leaders in using biofuels for gasoline. About a quarter of their automobile fuel consumption comes from sugarcane, which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions that otherwise would be emitted ...

Finding genetic changes behind moths' coloration

During the Industrial Revolution in 19th-century England, black moths started appearing - because they blended in better on pollution-darkened tree trunks than did normal, speckled moths. Now scientists are closing in on ...

Japan nuclear firm sees 'cold shutdown' in 6-9 mths

The operator of Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear plant said Sunday it aims to reduce radiation leaks within three months and to achieve a "cold shutdown" within six to nine months.

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