Green chemistry creates coatings from nature

Organic chemists from the University of Groningen and the Dutch multinational company AkzoNobel, a major global producer of paints and coatings, developed a process that allows them to turn biomass into a high-quality coating ...

Secret of Australia's volcanoes revealed in new study

Australia's east coast is littered with the remnants of hundreds of volcanoes—the most recent just a few thousand years old—and scientists have been at a loss to explain why so many eruptions have occurred over the past ...

Expect fewer, but more destructive landfalling tropical cyclones

A study based on new high-resolution supercomputer simulations, published in this week's issue of the journal Science Advances, reveals that global warming will intensify landfalling tropical cyclones of category 3 or higher ...

Chinese craft returns to Earth with Moon rocks

An unmanned Chinese spacecraft carrying rocks and soil from the Moon returned safely to Earth early Thursday, completing another chapter in China's effort to become a space superpower.

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