Bison hunters: More advanced than thought

A Canadian archaeologist says the First Nations of the Canadian Plains might have had complex tribal social structures 1,700 years earlier than thought.

Scientists study fighting flies

U.S. researchers say they have conducted the first comprehensive molecular analysis of aggressive behavior in a laboratory species.

Breaks in hibernation help fight bugs

U.S. scientists say a habit in some animals to periodically awake during hibernation might be an evolutionary mechanism to fight bacterial infection.

S.Korea Wants People in 'Smart' Clothes

(AP) -- Technology-savvy South Korea isn't happy making only MP3 players and the memory chips that go inside many of the more popular models. It also wants people wearing South Korean "smart" clothes with built-in digital ...

UA physicist discovers exotic superconductivity

University of Arizona Associate Professor of Physics Andrei Lebed has discovered that strong magnetism changes the basic, intrinsic properties of electrons flowing through superconductors, establishing an "exotic" superconductivity.

Domain Names Can Leave Net Users in Tangled Web, Study Finds

In a world of e-mail spam and Internet scams, it’s often difficult to discern fact from fiction in cyberspace. Some Internet users can’t distinguish a real Web site from a fake one based on its domain name, and some users ...

Voyager 1 Hits New Milestone

Voyager 1, already the most distant human-made object in the cosmos, reaches 100 astronomical units from the sun on Tuesday, August 15 at 5:13 p.m. Eastern time (2:13 p.m. Pacific time). That means the spacecraft, which launched ...

NASA Gives Atlantis a 'Go' for Liftoff on Aug. 27

At a press conference late Wednesday, following the two-day flight readiness review at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA's senior managers announced an Aug. 27 launch date for mission STS-115, resuming construction ...

Anthrax Detector Developed

Spores of the dreaded Bacillus anthracis have already been used as a bioweapon against the civilian population. Once inhaled, the anthrax pathogen almost always leads to death if the victims are not treated within 24 to 48 ...

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