NASA spots Hurricane Dolores over Socorro Island

Hurricane Dolores moved over Socorro Island on July 15 as NASA's Terra satellite passed overhead. On July 16, the island was still feeling the effects of Dolores.

Unprecedented worldwide biodiversity study

Humans depend on high levels of ecosystem biodiversity, but due to climate change and changes in land use, biodiversity loss is now greater than at any time in human history. Five University of Alberta researchers, including ...

NASA's RapidScat sees Tropical Storm Halola's concentrated winds

The strongest sustained winds in the northwestern Pacific Ocean's Tropical Storm Halola were located in the northeastern quadrant of the storm according to NASA's RapidScat instrument that flies aboard the International Space ...

RapidScat shows Enrique holding tropical storm status

The National Hurricane Center deemed that the Eastern Pacific Ocean's tropical cyclone Enrique continued to hold onto tropical storm status during the morning of July 16, based on surface wind data from NASA's RapidScat instrument.

Sun's activity controls Greenland temperatures

The sun's activity could be affecting a key ocean circulation mechanism that plays an important role in regulating Greenland's climate, according to a new study. The phenomenon could be partially responsible for cool temperatures ...

Trapped light orbits within an intriguing material

Light becomes trapped as it orbits within tiny granules of a crystalline material that has increasingly intrigued physicists, a team led by University of California, San Diego, physics professor Michael Fogler has found.

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