Microsoft cloud computing gets down to earth

For the last year, the tech world has buzzed with talk of the next big thing: cloud computing. Hailed as a breakthrough that will allow companies to compute without much hardware, the technology has pushed companies such ...

NASA dusts off forgotten artifacts in new exhibit

(AP) -- The spacesuit was one of three made for the last man to set foot on the moon, but Doug Fisher found it balled up and forgotten at the bottom of a cardboard box.

Amazon's Kindle DX: Not the answer

I am holding in my hands a device that some think could be the salvation of the beleaguered newspaper industry. It's the Amazon Kindle DX, a large-screen version of Amazon's popular e-reader that's specifically designed ...

Gadgets: A reliable GPS at a good price

One of the most common gadget questions I get (especially during the holiday season) is "Which GPS unit should I buy?"

IBM sees better profits for 2009 (Update)

(AP) -- IBM Corp. has proved a rare animal in the recession. Like everyone else, its sales have been hurt. Profit margins, though, have only gotten better and better, and on Thursday IBM ramped up its full-year earnings ...

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