New ideas in the search for dark matter

Since the 1980s, researchers have been running experiments in search of particles that make up dark matter, an invisible substance that permeates our galaxy and universe. Coined dark matter because it gives off no light, ...

'Relaxed' T cells critical to immune response

Like finding that needle in the haystack every time, your T cells manage what seems like an improbable task: Quickly finding a few invaders among the many imposters in your body to trigger its immune response.

The nexus between economic inequality and social welfare

Equity (or, its counterpart, inequity) plays a fundamental role in the evaluation of the different dimensions of social welfare. But how can we consider and compare its different dimensions? These issues are in fact traditionally ...

Cattle vs. hippopotamus: Dung in rivers of the savannah

In many regions of the world, populations of large mammalian herbivores have been displaced by cattle breeding—for example, in Kenya, hippos by large herds of cattle. This can change aquatic ecosystems due to significant ...

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