Spacewalkers pull off toughest Hubble repairs yet

(AP) -- Spacewalking astronauts gave the Hubble Space Telescope a better view of the cosmos by installing a new high-tech instrument Saturday, then pulled off their toughest job yet: fixing a broken camera.

New Web tool WolframAlpha launches test run

Google rules the roost when it comes to Internet search and has easily brushed aside efforts by Yahoo!, Microsoft and others to knock it off its perch.

Study looks at early Navajo use of smoke signals

(AP) -- Archaeologists and volunteers armed with special flares will fan out over part of the Four Corners region on Saturday to study how early Navajos could have used smoke signals to warn against invaders.

Flourishing eagles feast on Maine's rare seabirds

(AP) -- Bald eagles, bouncing back after years of decline, are swaggering forth with an appetite for great cormorant chicks that threatens to wipe out that bird population in the United States.