20-Year-Old High-Temperature Superconductivity Theory Verified

A French-German team of experimental scientists, led by Philippe Bourges of the Commissariat а l'Energie Atomique, France, reports that it has verified the central prediction of a theory on high-temperature superconductivity ...

Plants tell caterpillars when it's safe to forage

The world is filled with cues that could influence the daily feeding patterns of an organism. Many plants, for example, respond to foraging damage by releasing specialized chemical signals - volatile organic compounds that ...

East Coast most likely hurricane target

Private forecasts say the East Coast is the most likely target of five to nine hurricanes expected to hit the United States this season, reports said.

U.S. agency: Calif. 'ghost ships' are safe

The U.S. Maritime Administration says World War II-era ships are safe to move from Suisun Bay, Calif., to Texas scrap yards, a report said.

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