Archive: 16/04/2010

China jails 3 online activists; many show support

(AP) -- A Chinese court jailed three people Friday who posted material on the Internet to help an illiterate woman pressure authorities to reinvestigate her daughter's death, one defendant's lawyer said, in a trial that ...

dateApr 16, 2010 in Internet
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Table grapes' new ally: Muscodor albus

Small but mighty, a beneficial microbe called Muscodor albus may help protect fresh grapes from troublesome gray mold. Experiments conducted over the past several years by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant pathologist ...

dateApr 16, 2010 in Biotechnology
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Improving network firewalls

A firewall is the safety barrier between a computer network and the outside world. Individuals, companies and large organizations alike rely on a firewall being robust enough to fend off hackers attempting to break into a ...

dateApr 16, 2010 in Computer Sciences
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