Archive: 16/03/2010

WISE Captures a Cosmic Rose

( -- A new infrared image from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, shows a cosmic rosebud blossoming with new stars. The stars, called the Berkeley 59 cluster, are the blue dots to the right of ...

dateMar 16, 2010 in Astronomy
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Explained: Regression analysis

( -- Regression analysis. It sounds like a part of Freudian psychology. In reality, a regression is a seemingly ubiquitous statistical tool appearing in legions of scientific papers, and regression analysis is ...

dateMar 16, 2010 in Mathematics
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Interview: The science behind earthquakes

( -- A series of major earthquakes have struck countries in the Caribbean, South America and Asia, causing catastrophic damage. Large-scale relief efforts are in place in the hardest-hit nations, including Haiti ...

dateMar 16, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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