Archive: 16/03/2007

New JILA apparatus measures fast nanoscale motions

A new nanoscale apparatus developed at JILA โ€” a tiny gold beam whose 40 million vibrations per second are measured by hopping electrons โ€” offers the potential for a 500-fold increase in the speed of scanning tunneling ...

dateMar 16, 2007 in Nanophysics
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Combating Friction and Stiction

Micro-electro-mechanical systems, popularly referred to as MEMS, in small electronic devices often fail because of adhesion and stiction โ€“ the attractive force between the surfaces of interacting parts. University of Arkansas ...

dateMar 16, 2007 in Nanomaterials
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Can a Rootkit Be Certified for Vista?

A roomful of hackers, CIOs and CSOs agree that Microsoft's given us the most secure version of Windows yet, but their approval is served up with a garnish of "excepts," "howevers" and "althoughs."

dateMar 16, 2007 in Software
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MySpace 'MyStores' Tie Bands Closer to Community

Word of an announcement from SNOCAP, the music technology/online distribution company, was brewing earlier this week, and today they finally let the cat out of the bag: SNOCAP is working with record labels like SubPop to ...

dateMar 16, 2007 in Internet
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