Archive: 16/02/2011

When should a nation let the past be past?

South African lawyer Paul Van Zyl has helped nations all over the world overcome legacies of genocide and mass murder, in which "it's impossible to fully reveal the truth about every disappearance, every human rights violation."

dateFeb 16, 2011 in Social Sciences
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2 Russians cosmonauts end spacewalk

(AP) -- Two Russian cosmonauts on Wednesday conducted a five-hour-long spacewalk outside the International Space Station to install equipment for experiments on sensing earthquakes and lightning.

dateFeb 16, 2011 in Space Exploration
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ICC ban Twitter during World Cup matches

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is to impose a blanket ban on all Twitter posts by team officials during matches in a bid to be seen to be doing all it can to crack down on corruption.

dateFeb 16, 2011 in Internet
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