Mars equipment is field-tested in Norway

An international group of space scientists and engineers are in Svalbard, Norway, field-testing instruments for future Mars missions.

ESA places two satellites into orbit

The European Space Agency successfully launched an Ariane rocket from Europe's spaceport in French Guiana on a mission to place two satellites into orbit.

Lake Superior might hit record low levels

Lake Superior is nearing a record low level for the month of August and might set records for September and October, U.S. government hydrologists said.

Earth records 7th warmest July on record

Scientists said the month of July brought record and near-record warmth to the Western United States and was the seventh warmest July in recorded Earth history.

Humans fostering forest-destroying disease

Enjoying your August vacation? Well, (as they say in the summer movies) there’s a killer in the woods. Its strike has been consistently quiet, sudden, and deadly. Unknowingly, we have all been playing into its hands… ...

Male elephants get 'photo IDs' from scientists

Asian elephants don’t carry photo identification, so scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and India’s Nature Conservation Foundation are providing the service free of charge by creating a photographic archive ...

Comet May Have Exploded Over North America 13,000 Years Ago

New scientific findings suggest that a large comet may have exploded over North America 12,900 years ago, explaining riddles that scientists have wrestled with for decades, including an abrupt cooling of much of the planet ...

Perfect haircut is on the blower

'Cutting edge' technology is to help trainee hairdressers create a barnet even Jennifer Aniston would be proud of.

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