Archive: 15/06/2010

Working parents no longer have to do it tough

( -- Many parents find balancing work and family tough but now help is available. Research from The University of Queensland has found parents who complete a parenting program targeted at improving work life balance ...

dateJun 15, 2010 in Social Sciences
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Speech Synthesizer Helps Movie Critic

The voices you hear on message services are often created artificially by fitting together short audio snippets from a large library of vocalized words and sounds. Scientists are now moving beyond the older generic voices ...

dateJun 15, 2010 in Computer Sciences
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Google to scan 400,000 Austrian library books

Austria's national library said Tuesday it has struck a 30-million-euro deal with US Internet giant Google to digitise 400,000 copyright-free books, a vast collection spanning 400 years of European history.

dateJun 15, 2010 in Internet
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