'Three strikes' for the Web

Faced with a pandemic of online piracy, Hollywood studios and the major record labels have pressed governments around the world to make it easier for them to enforce their copyrights. In particular, they've tried to shift ...

Obama aims to send astronauts to Mars orbit in 2030s

President Barack Obama set a bold new course for the future of US space travel when he announced plans to send US astronauts into the orbit of Mars within the next three decades.

Watching the Tug of War between Structure and Superconductivity

(PhysOrg.com) -- Like Clark Kent, who often forgoes his social life to become Superman, materials that become superconducting must sacrifice at least one of their natural properties to attain the ability to transfer electric ...

March video game retail sales climb 6 percent

(AP) -- After a rocky 2009 followed by two months of double-digit declines, U.S. retail sales of video game software, hardware and accessories finally saw an uptick in March.

Retiree environmental volunteers less depressed

(PhysOrg.com) -- Retirees volunteering on environmental projects could not only prompt you to get more exercise but also improve mental and physical health through old age, according to a new Cornell study.

Peak P? Phosphorus, food supply spurs Southwest initiative

The mineral phosphorus (P) is critical to the creation of bones, teeth and DNA. "P" is also a key component of the fertilizers used to produce our food, as critical to agriculture as water. But is P, like oil, peaking? Natural ...

Volcanic ash affects airplanes, weather, sunsets

(AP) -- In 1989, all four engines of a Boeing 747 over Alaska conked out after it flew into a cloud of volcanic ash. The crew was able to restart them, but incidents like that dramatize why hundreds of flights every year ...

Michigan Tech Seniors Build an Air-Powered Moped

(PhysOrg.com) -- What do you get when you cross a couple of scuba tanks and a 1978 Sachs moped? Ideally, an air-powered two-wheeler to give you a boost up Houghton's hills, backed up by leg power if the air runs out before ...

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