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First functional insulin-binding protein in invertebrates

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling that helps to regulate mammals’ growth, metabolism, reproduction and longevity is well documented. Now research published in the open access journal Journal of Biology describes ...

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What Aristotle could teach your business

Public scandals, such as the Enron affair, the sub-prime mortgage problem, and the ensuing global credit crunch have led to dwindling confidence in the business world. A transatlantic study to be published in the International ...

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Are sacrificial bacteria altruistic or just unlucky?

An investigation of the genes that govern spore formation in the bacteria B. subtilis shows that chance plays a significant role in determining which of the microbes sacrifice themselves for the colony and which go on to ...

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Bikini corals recover from atomic blast

Half a century after the last earth-shattering atomic blast shook the Pacific atoll of Bikini, the corals are flourishing again. Some coral species, however, appear to be locally extinct.

dateApr 15, 2008 in Environment
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Forests' long-term potential for carbon offsetting

As well as cutting our fossil fuel emissions, planting new forests, or managing existing forests or agricultural land more effectively can capitalise on nature’s ability to act as a carbon sink. Research published online ...

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A step toward circuits for terahertz computing

University of Utah engineers took an early step toward building superfast computers that run on far-infrared light instead of electricity: They made the equivalent of wires that carried and bent this form of light, also known ...

dateApr 15, 2008 in General Physics
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