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Leading edge facility to strip history bare

A new facility opening later this year at the Diamond synchrotron is set to revolutionise world heritage science. A new research platform soon to be available at the leading UK science facility, Diamond Light Source, will ...

dateFeb 15, 2009 in General Physics
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Ultracold gas mimics ultrahot plasma

Several years after Duke University researchers announced spectacular behavior of a low density ultracold gas cloud, researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory have observed strikingly similar properties in a very hot ...

dateFeb 15, 2009 in Plasma Physics
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Chemists offer new hydrogen purification method

( -- President Barack Obama's pursuit of energy independence promises to accelerate research and development for alternative energy sources -- solar, wind and geothermal power, biofuels, hydrogen and biomass, ...

dateFeb 15, 2009 in
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A new gene silencing platform -- silence is golden

A team of researchers led by Rutgers' Samuel Gunderson has developed a novel gene silencing platform with very significant improvements over existing RNAi approaches. This may enable the development and discovery of a new ...

dateFeb 15, 2009 in
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