New Technologies Improve Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are sprouting up in more and more places, forming an ever more powerful tool for solving crimes after they happen. But what about using them to prevent or stop criminal and terrorist acts? This requires ...

New clean-up project builds upon success gained in field

A new five-year project headed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory is expected to lead to a more in-depth understanding of natural and other approaches to clean up contaminated sites around the nation.

Discovery sheds new light on cause of earthquakes

Research at the University of Liverpool into a large fault zone in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile has produced new insight into how fluid pressure can cause earthquakes.

A little virtual something for under the tree

Don't despair if your kids are clamouring for the Nintendo Wii or the Playstation 3 this Christmas - at least those are more affordable than the $1.5-million virtual reality lab in the University of Alberta's Computer Science ...

Plucking comet dust from Stardust collectors

Ever since NASA's Stardust spacecraft delivered a payload of comet dust to Earth on Jan. 15, 2006, scientists by the hundreds have been clamoring for samples.

'Cosmic freezer' yields unique discovery

Stardust, the NASA spacecraft mission, was given that name in hopes that the seven-year journey to capture comet samples would bring back to Earth, well, stardust.

Researchers predict a new state of matter in semiconductors

Conventional matter exists in three familiar forms-solid, liquid and gas. But under special circumstances, quantum theory predicts exotic states of matter, such as superconductors in which electrons flow with no resistance ...

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