Archive: 14/09/2010

Dinosaurs out in the cold

A major drop in temperature 137 million years ago briefly interrupted the warm, equable climate of the Cretaceous Period. The water temperature in the Arctic Ocean fell from around 13 C to between 4 and 7 C, possibly causing ...

dateSep 14, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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Curiosity is NASA's new ramp roller

The rover Curiosity, which NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission will place on Mars in August 2012, has been rolling over ramps in a clean room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to test its mobility system.

dateSep 14, 2010 in Space Exploration
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It's another cold night for poor

Households on low incomes will feel the cold pinch of winter more than most as rising energy bills and promised cuts to welfare benefits threaten to push them beyond the brink of their financial limits. So suggests a report ...

dateSep 14, 2010 in Economics & Business
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Improved biofuels with new plant

A new pilot biomass processing plant at the University of Sydney gives researchers an opportunity to improve biofuel production, taking it a step closer to becoming a commercially viable, sustainable energy source.

dateSep 14, 2010 in Other
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How do your crystals grow?

Because one of the main bottlenecks in determining the structure of protein molecules is producing good isolated single crystals, improved crystallization techniques would be useful in a wide range of genomics and pharmaceutical ...

dateSep 14, 2010 in Condensed Matter
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