Archive: 14/07/2011

MAXI peers into black hole binaries

The Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image, or MAXI for short, spends its time aboard the ISS conducting a full sky survey every 92 minutes. Its sole purpose is to monitor X-ray source activity and report. Unlike stars seen in visible ...

dateJul 14, 2011 in Astronomy
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How the mole got its 12 fingers

Polydactyly is a hereditary anomaly that is relatively common in both humans and animals. Moles also have additional fingers. In their case, however, the irregularity compared to the five-finger formula of land vertebrates ...

dateJul 14, 2011 in Plants & Animals
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Pentagon to publish strategy for cyberspace wars

(AP) -- Facing escalating risks of cyberattacks by hackers, criminals and other nations, the Pentagon is developing more resilient computer networks so the military can continue to operate if critical systems are breached ...

dateJul 14, 2011 in Internet
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Tracking air quality from above

Although the nation’s air has grown significantly cleaner in recent decades, about 40 percent of Americans — 127 million people — live in counties where pollution levels still regularly exceed national air ...

dateJul 14, 2011 in Environment
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