Handsets tapping into MP3 market

Mobile music phones charging onto the music scene could put a dent into the MP3 player market, taking steam away from industry giants Apple and Microsoft. Already, many consumers are snapping up mobile phones that play digital ...

Wireless World: A looming 'cell hell'

You may have left it in the back seat of the cab. Or in the booth at the restaurant at lunch. Or even at your client's office. Whatever the case may be, it is likely that you lost your mobile phone last year. Research shows ...

Internet TV more accessible in U.S.

Customers of one of the United States' three largest telecommunications service providers will now have access to high-quality Internet Protocol television services, following a deal signed this week by the service provider ...

Smart cars to rule the roads

It's been more than 20 years since Knight Rider hit the airwaves, but the next generation of KITT-style cars may be seen on freeways very soon. The next generation of autonomous "smart cars" is now on the agenda for both ...

Globe Talk: Appetite not always profitable

Competition usually means more choices and cheaper prices for customers, but for companies, it can mean a hard slog ahead even at the best of times.

Chandra Spies Cosmic Fireworks

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has captured the remains of four supernovas in the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud, showing multi-million-degree gas that has been heated by shock waves from the explosions.

NASA helps visually impaired students

Twelve visually impaired or blind U.S. high school students will have an opportunity to explore careers in rocketry as part of a NASA program.

Brown Engineers Use DNA to Direct Nanowire Assembly and Growth

A small but growing number of engineers are using nature’s engineer – DNA – to create nanomaterials that can be used in everything from medical devices to computer circuits. A team from Brown University and Boston College ...

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