A weird star produced the fastest nova on record

Astronomers are buzzing after observing the fastest nova ever recorded. The unusual event drew scientists' attention to an even more unusual star. As they study it, they may find answers to not only the nova's many baffling ...

Developing sustainable membranes for future energy

A recently published paper in Science "Polytriazole membranes with ultrathin tunable selective layer for crude oil fractionation," offers an innovative membrane development solution to handle unique industrial conditions, ...

Update on Golden Retriever Lifetime Study published

As the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study approaches its 10th anniversary, a newly published paper in the journal PLOS ONE reviews the study's findings to date and previews research in progress. 

What shedding light on plant growth could mean for cancer

Understanding how plants process light is key to improving crop yields. Light helps plants know when to grow and flower at the right time. Plants find light using proteins called photoreceptors. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ...

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