Archive: 14/06/2006

eBay takes outward step with AdContext

This week eBay threw a new twist in the contextual advertising industry, with their unveiling recently of AdContext service, which will place contextually appropriate ads for eBay auction and sale items on Web sites.

dateJun 14, 2006 in Internet
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Milky Way's Sister Galaxy Shines in New Portrait

Sibling rivalry is alive and well in outer space. The Milky Way galaxy has two sister spirals competing for attention from photographers. The Andromeda galaxy usually wins the contest, posing frequently for cosmic portraits. ...

dateJun 14, 2006 in Astronomy
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'Snapshots' Shake Up Views about Proteins

In 2002, University of Maryland biochemist Victor Muñoz observed something about proteins that challenged the generally accepted theory about how proteins assume their biologically active states – a process called folding. ...

dateJun 14, 2006 in Bio & Medicine
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