Archive: 14/05/2007

The 'driving' force behind electric vehicles

Cultural differences between countries run right to the heart of government, thereby influencing technological innovation. This is reported in a comparative study by David Calef and Robert Goble published recently in the ...

dateMay 14, 2007 in Other
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'Build parks to climate proof our cities'

Scientists looking at the effect global warming will have on our major cities say a modest increase in the number of urban parks and street trees could offset decades of predicted temperature rises.

dateMay 14, 2007 in Environment
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Study maps network of 7 million cell phone users

Scientists have constructed a map of a societal communication network based on the mobile phone usage of 7 million individuals during a span of 18 weeks. As the first study to have access to a large amount of direct data ...

dateMay 14, 2007 in Other feature
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