Global PC sales slow in third quarter

Global personal computer sales slowed in the third quarter, notching up growth of just 7.6 percent, well below the previous quarter, technology research firm Gartner said Wednesday.

Shark smell myth found fishy

Everyone knows that sharks have an amazing sense of smell. Toss a chunk of salmon into the shark tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, and you can see it in action.

Analysts: 3-D TV sales not as high as expected

(AP) -- Sales of 3-D TV sets have been weaker than expected this year, as 3-D content is lacking and overall TV sales in North America are slack, research firm DisplaySearch said.

US moves to enhance cybersecurity cooperation

The Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security unveiled an agreement on Wednesday designed to boost cooperation in defending military and private computer networks from growing cyber threats.

Pentagon going green, because it has to: officials

The US military's heavy dependence on fossil fuels is a dangerous vulnerability, officials said Wednesday as they made a fresh push to develop renewable energy solutions for the battlefield.

Michigan to get 5,300 charging stations for electric cars

More than 5,300 charging stations will be installed in Michigan as the birthplace of the US auto industry prepares for the introduction of electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt, General Motors said.

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