Argentine judge to decide Sandra the orangutan's fate

An Argentine judge began hearing expert testimony this week to decide what to do with an orangutan named Sandra after another court ruled she was entitled to certain human rights, including the right to be freed from the ...

Judge lets Russian man charged with hacking fire his lawyers

A Russian man who prosecutors say made millions as a prolific computer hacker and credit card thief was allowed to fire his lawyers on Wednesday, just minutes before the start of a two-day hearing to decide whether his arrest ...

US House passes bill ending NSA bulk data collection

The US House of Representatives voted Wednesday to end the NSA's dragnet collection of telephone data from millions of Americans, a controversial program revealed in 2013 by former security contractor Edward Snowden.

British soprano suspends plans to sing in space

British singer Sarah Brightman said Wednesday she was suspending plans to launch into space to perform on the International Space Station due to "family reasons".

Periscope goes back to the sea in around-the-world race

A baseball game lasts a few hours, and a golf tournament can run a long weekend. But sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race are at sea for nine months, enough time for entire technologies to come and go.

Device may allow sensations in prosthetic hands

To the nearly 2 million people in the U.S. living with the loss of a limb, including U.S. military veterans, prosthetic devices provide restored mobility yet lack sensory feedback. A team of engineers and researchers at Washington ...

GPM, AIRS, and RapidScat view Typhoon Dolphin headed for Guam

Typhoon Dolphin (strengthened overnight on 5/12 from Tropical Storm status) formed south of Pohnpei in the western Pacific Ocean on May 7, 2015. Dolphin's power has oscillated from a weak tropical depression to typhoon intensity ...

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