French panel moots taxes on smartphones, tablets

A report by a French expert panel published on Monday recommended imposing taxes on smartphones and tablets but rejected a call for search engine Google to be charged for linking to media content.

New model to recommend media content according to your preferences

Researchers at the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) have developed a model capable to recommend audiovisual content to each user based on their own media consumption and intrinsic features ...

Job market for grads ticks slightly upward

Students graduating during May's Commencement ceremony will be greeted with some good news: employers plan to hire slightly more of them.

Systematic position of Archaeopteryx challenged?

Archaeopteryx has been considered the most primitive and earliest known bird ever since its discovery, and has been placed at the base of Avialae in nearly all numerical phylogenetic analyses. In 2011, a parsimony-based phylogenetic ...

Good, better, best practices in terminology

A team of translation scholars from the Department for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna, in collaboration with terminologists from the Austrian Parliamentary Administration, the European Academy of Bolzano ...

New method of finding planets scores its first discovery

(Phys.org) —Detecting alien worlds presents a significant challenge since they are small, faint, and close to their stars. The two most prolific techniques for finding exoplanets are radial velocity (looking for wobbling ...

China social media hailed after official toppled

Chinese state media hailed the power of the Internet Monday after a probe was launched into a top state planner following an online expose, making him the most senior official toppled by social media.

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